Machine is 640mm wide over control panel.

420mm Deep

680mm Height


Flick though photos above to see different designs

Go to Bartop Decals page to see all 22 designs to choose from:


10-14 working days build time on this product


Bartop Arcade Console!
- Choose art skin from photos 

- 23.5" Monitor

- Pi3 based system
- Huge 32GB drive!
- All commercial grade parts!


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Can I attach game controllers/keyboard/mouse?
Yes. You can connect a game controller (or keyboard/mouse) to the USB
port on the back of your Bartop or you can use a wireless or
Bluetooth game controller.
Use a (powered) USB hub to connect more than one controller/device.
The system has default support for wired PS3 or X-Box controllers
connected to the USB port. Wireless PS3 or X-Box controllers can also be
used, but you will need a supported wireless dongle (plugged into the
Bartop USB port).
Bluetooth controllers such as 8BitDo or WiiMotes can also be used, along
with many other devices (keyboard/mouse/speakers, etc.).
See here for a full device compatibility list: click here

Note: You may need to re-map buttons and joysticks on your controller to
work with individual emulators and/or the menu system. Darryl has
created a great video that explains the process here: click here

Can I change the graphic and sound settings?
Yes. You can adjust the output resolution and aspect ratio, can add or
remove scan lines (“shaders”), and can adjust brightness, among other
graphic options. You can also enable/disable background music and set
the system volume.
These are chosen from the “System” menu. Look for “UI Settings”, “Game
Settings” and “Sound Settings” options.

Can I change the look of the menu system?
Yes. Your Bartop comes with a number of different menu systems. These
are chosen from the “System” menu. Look for a “UI Settings/Themes”
option that lets you choose different menu styles.
Pick one and apply it. Your Bartop will reboot, and you can try out
the new look.

Can I play media through the Bartop?
Yes. It’s a mini Raspberry Pi 3 computer.
Music or video stored on an attached USB stick can be played through Kodi.
The audio/video is sent via the HDMI cable to your TV or AV Receiver.
Your Pi 3 can also stream music directly to paired Bluetooth speakers.

Can I connect my Bartop to the Internet?
Yes. Your Raspberry Pi 3 has built-in Wi-Fi. In general, it’s not
necessary – or recommended - to be online, but it may be handy for
streaming services through Kodi and for system updates.
Note: If you choose to go online for whatever reason and your Bartop
games, emulators, settings, etc. get messed up we can restore your
system to factory defaults.
This WILL incur a service charge.



Ultra Bartop ULTIMATE

$1,249.00 Regular Price
$999.20Sale Price
Choose Art Decal

    Machines can be returned back to our workshop for any warranty repairs, return/shipping costs of machine is at the cost of the client, costs to have machine returned back is also on the client.  All parts of arcade machine are covered under a 12 month warranty.

    There is a no return policy on complete machines, due to them being custom built.

    No return or refund for change of mind. On acceptance of your order and payment of the agreed deposit amount, we order the required parts (and custom artwork) for your machine from our suppliers.

    No returns for wear and tear or accidental or intentional misuse.

    *TV 1 year warranty

    *Returns on faulty rasberry Pi only. (Data/free software on Pi is not covered)

    1 year warranty on all other electronic components.

    No warranty on games as they are a free addition (we do offer support).


    Shipping is at your own risk and cost.  We can recommend and organise shipping companies for you.  Or you can arrange to get item picked up from our workshop (there will be a packaging fee of $70-$100 for pallet, bubble wrap and wooden crate). 

    We ship Australia wide and world wide

    Please contact us for a shipping quote.