For Pinball Machines purchase upgrade ONLY: not sold separately.

Product Description

This unit acts as an integrated Keyboard Encoder, Joystick Encoder and ANALOG Nudge and Plunger - based on the fantastic open source Pinscape project.
Standard Features:
	Compatibility with Visual Pinball, Future Pinball, Pinball FX and Pinball Arcade control settings
	8 Pre-coded standard Keyboard Inputs, which are reconfigurable
	In-built motion sensor that delivers realistic table nudging and rock solid performance
	Automatic return to zero positioning – the unit re-calibrates on every reboot	 

Plunger Module Features:
	Full analog operation – you have FULL CONTROL of the force with which the plunger strikes the ball
	Smooth, repeatable action

This product comes with:
	Pinscape based Virtual Pinball Encoder unit
	Williams/Bally Plunger Module
	USB Cable

ANALOG Plunger and ANALOG Nudge unit

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