Note: This product is an upgrade and only sold with purchase of a machine,not sold separately


Add Working coin slot to Arcade Machine

Takes $1 Coins

Works with MAME, Visual Pinball and Future Pinball

(If being used in a shop let us know as machines also have Coin Buttons for adding Credits)


What's the coin slot for?
Many clients add a coin slot to their machine for cosmetic reasons.
It enhances the nostalgic flavour of the machine and will take $1.00 coins. The coin slot is connected to the game system in MAME, Future Pinball and Visual Pinball as these emulators need credits to play.
You can also add credits with the Player 1 and 2 Coin buttons.
On our dedicated SHOP setups, the coin slot is connected to the game system and one or more $1.00 coins are required to play a game.
  • Our SHOP machines have NO (external) Player 1 or 2 Coin buttons.
  • The SHOP setup has a completely different drive / game collection to our 2 TB 40,000 game system.
  • The SHOP drive ONLY has MAME emulations of coin-operated arcade games and/or certain pinball tables installed (depending on the type of machine).
  • The SHOP drive has NO console, handheld, or retro computer games as it is not possible to "add a coin" to these systems because they are designed for free play at home.














































































































Add Coin Slot