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About Us

We supply Australia wide and World wide

Ultra Custom Cabs - Arcade and Virtual Pinball Machines - Brisbane

DON'T Buy Imported Machines from China! We have the BEST Arcade and Virtual Pinball Machines in Australia! Second to NONE.

BUY yourself a 100% Australian made and custom built Arcade or Virtual Pinball Machine from us!

All of our PC-based machines have a full 3 YEARS warranty on all components - inside and out!

Call us on 0431973063

Ultra Custom Cabs is a family-run, online, retro arcade and virtual pinball machine company based in Brisbane.

We offer a wide range of high-quality, hand made arcade machines, and take pride in providing exceptional customer service to our clients.

We’re a business comprised of innovators, forward-thinkers and tech-obsessives, with the drive to deliver great products and a convenient and stress-free online shopping experience.

We have the BIGGEST range and BEST Arcade and Virtual Pinball Machines in Australia.

We offer DIFFERENT STYLE arcade machines to suit everyone's needs and tastes.

We have a HUGE range of Art Decals (over 100 designs).

You can CUSTOMIZE your machine build with our many options.

We supply and ship our high quality, hand made, custom built classic and retro gaming Arcade and Virtual Pinball Machines to anywhere in Australia or World wide.

Our company is dedicated to providing the highest quality products and service.

We strive to be the best in the industry and continuously develop and improve our range.

Our number one goal is happy customers!

Check us out on FaceBook for daily build progress posts and other updates, and also visit our YouTube page for videos of our machines in action.

Our FAQ will answer most of your questions, and provides instructions, tips, and more.

Our PC-based arcade machines offer so much choice, running the Hyperspin front end menu system.
Our Virtual Pinball machines and Cocktail tables also run the PinballX front end menu system for the ultimate "pinny" fix.
Top of the range quality arcade machines at a good price, using a brand new gaming PC with a 3 year factory warranty.


If you're on a tight budget or have limited space, our Raspberry Pi 3-based UltraPi, UltraDeck & Bartop machines, or PC-based UltraDeck Pro system might be just what you're looking for to get your daily dose of retro gaming goodness.

What components do you use in your machines?


The PC components we use are outlined in the shop pages for each machine: cabinet, cocktail, pinball, or our Raspberry Pi-based machines.

As these specs can change, due to manufacturers discontinuing, replacing, or updating their product lines, please refer to the shop product pages for the most current info.


All of our Windows-based machines run the (fully licensed) 64-bit operating system from a solid-state drive. This ensures that our machines start up and run quickly.
Emulator data and media/artwork runs from a separate mechanical hard disk (we’ll eventually move to solid-state storage for this, but it’s presently too expensive).
Our pinball (and cocktail) machines run all pinball-related data and media from a solid-state drive.
Our Raspberry Pi-based machines run directly from high-speed Flash memory storage.


We’re occasionally asked if we can upgrade the CPU, graphics card, RAM and so on….and the answer is yes, of course we can if you’d like us to.
Having said that, we thoroughly test our machines and make use of diagnostic utilities such as MSI Afterburner to make sure that the system can comfortably – and reliably – handle everything it is asked to do.

Optional upgrades to a faster CPU, a more powerful graphics card, or extra RAM won’t be of benefit if you aren’t planning on adding an extra drive and running modern AAA titles.
It is, however, your choice to opt for more expensive and higher spec components if you wish.
It’s your custom machine!


All emulators can easily be handled by our “standard” dual-core Athlon-based Windows machines (2 TB). In fact, the processor in your mobile phone has enough power to run most of these old-school emulators, so the Athlon does it at a canter – and is purposely under-clocked by the emulators.
More modern gaming titles and recent console emulations, however, require our updated quad-core Ryzen-based computer spec (8 TB).


Our arcade (and cocktail) machines do not need a separate graphics card as the integrated GPU can comfortably handle all display requirements.
Our pinball machines (straight and 2 in 1), on the other hand, definitely require a graphics card to support multiple monitors and the 4K playfield screen.

Our testing puts us in a great position to get a feel – literally – for different types/makes of joysticks, buttons, controls and so on.

This led us to using only gold-leaf switches for all arcade and flipper buttons used during game play. Gold-leaf buttons don’t contain the micro-switch of “standard” arcade buttons, and offer a zero delay response. They also have no “click” when pressed.
Other buttons on our machines – Coin, Player Select, Start, Exit, Search, Pause, and so on use standard micro-switches, as zero delay response times aren’t needed.
All buttons and the joysticks are connected through I-PAC 2 or I-PAC 4 controllers, which we've used in our PC-based machines for a few years. They've proven to be incredibly reliable and we know you'll be as happy with their performance as we are.


On the joystick side of things, we use Zippy, Happ, and Sanwa units. Each has strengths and weaknesses for different types of emulators. If you’re not sure about which sticks to go for, give us a call or send us a message via email or Facebook.


We’ve spent many hundreds of hours setting up our systems for reliable, simple, trouble-free operation.
This includes small touches like dedicated Search, Pause, Enter, and Exit buttons which make navigation (and beer, bathroom, or snack breaks) much faster and easier. While we can easily map multiple functions to "combos" of keys, the clarity of one function / one key makes our machines intuitive to use - ideal for kids and for first-time users.
Minimalist button layouts that are reliant on "combos" of buttons/keys also limit the machine's ability to play a number of (more modern) titles and - if improperly mapped - can cause problems during play. Kids, in particular, tend to be "button-mashers", so if there's a key-combo that accesses system settings and messes the machine up....they'll find it! There's nothing worse than being kicked out to the menu system or having a Windows or settings dialog pop-up onscreen when you're giving a mate a hiding...or worse, having the kids mess up the whole system 10 minutes before your mates arrive for a few beers and a night of arcade action. No probs with our systems, turn 'em off and on again, and you're good to go!


Also among the choices we’ve made for our machines is the decision to set up certain emulators for use with a keyboard/mouse, a Light Gun, or an X-Box controller. This is indicated at the lower right of the screen when needed.
In most cases, this hands over all control to the specified controller type and completely disables the arcade controls, so the joysticks and (most) buttons on your machine won’t work until you exit the emulator.
We chose this control scheme through years of experience and feedback from our customers. Basically:

  • Old computer systems had a keyboard and mouse attached, so trying to run these emulated systems with arcade controls just doesn’t work well (or at all). While a number of retro computers support a joystick, you can’t actually start the game (or set up the joystick) without pressing a computer keyboard key (or clicking with the mouse) to get into the machine settings. The trackball built-in to all of our PC-based arcade machines acts as a mouse when needed in computer emulators (left/right click buttons are found under the control panel).

  • It’s a similar story with a small number of console emulators. The original controllers for these machines often had analog joysticks, multiple joysticks and/or a D-Pad, shoulder buttons, triggers, and so on.
    Trying to make these work with arcade controls is a hiding to nothing, so we mapped all controls for these emulators to X-Box controllers.

We realise that some people may find it inconvenient to plug in a keyboard or X-Box controller or two (our systems also support wireless options), but it is far more important to us that your “in-game” experience is easy, is as close as possible to the original, and most of all – fun!
When it comes to getting around the intuitive, fast, beautiful, and consistent Hyperspin menu system, you certainly don't need to hook up a keyboard because all navigation, search, and other functions are completely driven with the arcade controls.


Another feature of our machines is the “reboot to restore” function. As the name suggests, rebooting your machine will restore it to factory settings, no matter what the kids or your mates have done.
This protects the operating system and emulators from accidental erasures, file movements, renaming, viruses, and so on.
Over the years we have seen countless posts in forums about Windows updates - and kids - that have completely hosed gaming and pinball systems. We don't want this to happen to you (and we're pretty sure you don't want this either).
We also kinda figured that most people just wanna use their machine, not mess around with the "under-the-hood" stuff.

A small portion of drive space is allocated for
high scores and game progress for some (not ALL) emulators. This is not protected by the reboot to restore feature. One compromise of the reboot to restore feature is that you can’t store your own Favourites (we’ve set these up for each emulated system), but we feel that the powerful built-in Search feature – and rock-solid reliability – more than compensates for this.
We strongly believe that it’s better for our customers to have a working machine in seconds (turn it off and on again) than to go for days or weeks without it while waiting for shipping and repairs, or spending hours on the phone with tech support.

We are, of course, there to help if you need us – or if there’s a component that needs repair or replacement.


As far as "updates" go, we generally do this every year or so, and offer an update service for existing customers.
Should a new (or should we say old) system be emulated, we'll add this to the update.
On the pinball side of things, we also offer an update service each year or so, with new free, user-created tables being added/artwork and media updates and so on. In-between updates, you can freely download and play new tables from several pinball sites, and run them from a USB drive/stick.
It's truly the best of both worlds - on our arcade and virtual pinball machines, you are free to add an extra drive (or USB stick) and play any games you wish alongside our system - safe in the knowledge that nothing can go wrong with the operating system or emulators....so if you want to run modern Steam games, or add your music or video library and play them through your arcade machine - there's nothing stopping you doing this with another drive.

We’re confident that our system will blow you away, but know that some emulations aren’t perfect. This is the nature of emulators. Our “testing” is rigorous, but we simply don’t have the time or manpower to fully play through every title and we don’t have the experience with certain games that our clients do.

Whatever your choice, look no further than Ultra Custom Cabs for arcade gaming satisfaction!


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